Overview of the EMERGE initiative: Connected, geo-localized and cybersecure vehicles

Innovation goals, exploitation and impact


      • High accuracy – high integrity, multi-frequency, multi-constellation and multi-sensor geo-localization platform
      • Augmentation networks for automotive/rail
      • Cybersecurity platforms
      • V2X platforms on heterogeneous networks including 5G & Satcom
      • Edge-Computing and Cloud-based services
      • Dynamic navigation in urban environment

Exploitation and impact​

      • Development of enabling technologies for connected/autonomous cars with stringent safety requirements (e.g. ERTMS in the rail domain)
      • Validation through field trials that exploit 5G infrastructures and satellite technologies for both communication and localization
      • Strengthen and develop research/education assets at UnivAQ and promote cooperation with industries 
      • Job opportunities in research and innovation in the academy, research centres, SMEs and large industry.

A comprehensive framework for cooperative ITS @ L'Aquila



Advanced research on connected vehicles

  • Research
  • Higher education
  • Development of labs
  • City-wide test bed: 
    • → GALILEO
    • → 5G

Networking with international research centres
(GSA, ESA, ASI, …)

EMERGE Navigation

Coordinated by RadioLabs

Partners: Elital, Leonardo, Telespazio, UnivAQ

  • Technological platforms and applications
  • Geo-localization
  • Connectivity
  • Cyber-security
  • Cloud and edge computing Navigation

Prototyping on light commercial vehicles  for daily use and emergency operations

Special funding for research and innovation in L’Aquila

Industrial research project
Agreement for innovation with MISE and Regione Abruzzo

Other projects

STEV (Satellite Testbed for GNSS Vehicle Validation) – Coordinated by Radiolabs
Partners: Polo Automotive Abruzzo, UNIVAQ
Funded by ESA

Major cooperations

Emerge Navigation is coordinated with part of the SCALA project, which is an FCA/CRF initiative cofunded by MISE and Regione Abruzzo